The Guardian Angel

 George Lazar

  • Editura: Eagle Publishing House
  • Colectia: Science Fiction
  • ISBN EPUB: 978-606-8315-35-5
  • ISBN PDF: 8315-35-5
  • Formate: ePub si MOBI
  • Compatibil cu: PC/Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android, Nook, Sony, Trekstor

Imagine that one day someone arrives and warns you: you are about to die in a few days. Of course, you chase him away, a guy with gruesome jokes as a hobby. But he insists and proves you, using facts that only you should know, that he had indeed saved your life several times, in order for you to get to this moment. When, if you want to prolong your life, you must pay.

Oh, I forgot to mention, only very rich people have the chance of this offer. The thought of a crook trying to blackmail you crosses your mind. Someone ready to set you up for a few dollars more. But no, he proves you that the device was invented, the one with which, in special conditions, we could have the chance of a glimpse to the future, a shortsighted one, but good enough to find out what we used to believe only God knows: your approximate arrival at death’s door. If all these really happened, would you pay the money? What if your survival means the death of others, what would you choose?

This novel, Guardian Angel promises the disclosure of a problem you never thought about. Your life, everybody’s life has a price. It depends on how much are you willing to pay. And mostly, to live with the consequences.

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